Infrastructure development

The Covid-19 crisis has had a significant impact on aviation infrastructure, slowing down its modernisation and expansion. Companies are being forced to cut their expenses and re-evaluate investment plans.

However, there can be no flight growth without sustainable infrastructure. For this reason, the development of the Airport city concept in Riga Airport is still current, as well as the expansion of the terminal and construction of the railway station within the framework of the Rail Baltica project.

Connectivity of aviation – new normal

Not a single business plan or business continuity scenario could foresee the complete stoppage of aviation throughout Europe and around the world. Before we can discuss renewal of the sector, the big questions are: how many airlines and tourism operators will remain on the market, how will passenger habits change and what shape will new aviation health safety protection measures take? Likewise, it is crucial to restart tourism flows.

The national airline airBaltic has received substantial investment support from the State as a result of which the Latvian aviation industry hopes to keep its leader position on the future Baltic aviation market, and achieve sustain stable growth in Lithuania and Estonia.

Aviation cargo & logistics

To limit the spread of the virus, passenger air traffic was greatly reduced or halted in the first six months of 2020. Since practically half of all aviation cargo is carried via liners, aviation logistics chains that took years and years to create were disrupted almost immediately. Now is the time to evaluate how cargo airlines have operated during the crisis, and what the industry's prospects are given the decrease in global production and uncertain prospects for economic renewal.

E-commerce is still a hot topic of discussion. That is why special attention in this forum will be given to cargo handling within the context of Brexit and to the application of value added tax to shipments of all sorts in compliance with the new EU regulations that will come into force in 2021.

UAS commercial application

A flying aircraft with an electric drive is no longer science fiction or a hobby project. UAS is steadily becoming a business area worth billions that will change the technical conditions of airspace use as well as introduce various new commercial services, starting with pizza deliveries and e-commerce shipments to complex monitoring and research works.

UAS is developing rapidly and at times that can lead to mistakes, which gives us the opportunity to learn and improve the performance of these systems. This is why special attention will be given to the analysis of various safety situations and conclusions which will create a basis for well-justified additions to legislative initiatives.

Panel discussions

Summary of the Aviation Forum will be wrapped into four panel discussions by questions and answers in live. Top managers and industry leaders will take a view on the further development of the aviation industry for the decades.

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